Setting High Standards for Quality

At OEM Fabricators, Inc. our focus on quality is integrated into every aspect of our process to ensure we deliver quality products, in a timely manner, at a competitive price to our customers.

Quality Policy

OEM consistently delivers innovative solutions and unmatched service, strengthening our customer relationship through a culture of continuous improvement and Team Member engagement.

Continuous Improvement

OEM Fabricators incorporates the Deming Cycle of Continuous Improvement and monitors the effectiveness of its Quality Management System by continually reviewing its quality objectives, audit results, data analysis and management review.

Within the Quality Management System, OEM’s Management has established quality objectives, implemented operational standards to meet the objectives and continually measure the results.

To ensure our customers receive a quality product, OEM utilizes the following measures:

  • ISO 9001:2015, AWS D1.1, EN 15085, and NDT Certifications
  • Quality Planning-Design for Manufacturing through shipping
  • Quality at the source –it is everyone’s responsibility to provide a Quality product
  • Process Control through Process Interaction
  • Customer Audits



We invite you to experience our capabilities and performance by visiting one of our facilities in Wisconsin to see firsthand some of the projects we are working on.

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