OEM builds and donates face shields for WW Health

WOODVILLE, WI – Here is another good example of “We’re all in this together.” Sometime in March as the COVID-19 was moving across Western Wisconsin Mark Tyler Board Chair of Woodville’s OEM Fabricators received instructions from Carolyn Brady with UW River Falls on how to build protective face shields. Tyler then approached Western Wisconsin Health (WW Health) CEO Alison Page with the idea and she thought the shields would be immensely helpful for use by the hospital staff.

The reusable face protecting shields were designed by Delve, a design firm in Madison, Wisconsin. It then takes a couple of weeks to get the materials to make the face shields. The cost of the materials is $200 to make 100 of the shields.

OEM Fabricators Kelly Ingli, President/CFO reported that Tom Aaby and his family worked to assemble 80 of the first batch of protective face shields on Easter in Woodville. The big box of finished shields was donated and delivered to WW Health on Monday, April 13.

WW Health CEO Page said, “OEM is a fabulous community partner.  They designed and produced extremely useful and comfortable face shields for our team!  We love them!”

OEM Fabricators is in the process of producing another 100 of the reusable protective face shields for the use of the caring staff at Western Wisconsin Health.

Also of note in this “We’re all in this together” COVID-19 time, was the generous donation by the Adoray Home and Hospice volunteers who dropped off 15 handmade isolation gowns for the medical professionals at Western Wisconsin Health on the day that face shields came in from OEM.

By Paul J. Seeling, Woodville Leader/Sun-Argus/MyGatewayNews
Read the full article at https://mygateway.news/oem-builds-and-donates-face-shields-for-ww-health/

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