Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainability is core to OEM’s beliefs and practices.

In the context of Corporate Social Responsibility, sustainability is displayed through continuous improvement initiatives that are directed at aligning OEM’s social and environmental activities with its business purpose and economic goals. OEM and its Team Members are challenged to act thoughtfully and with care to assure that activities are harmonious and contribute in positive, supportive, and
sustainable ways.

With excellent Team Members and outstanding service offerings, we assure social, ecological and
economic sustainability.

OEM Fabricators, Inc. is guided by these principles in its corporate actions:

  • We ensure the long-term success of the company and strive to provide secure employment.
  • We hold in high regard, protect, and, promote the well-being and interests of our Team Members.
  • We hold in high regard and protect human and Team Member rights, ensure, and, promote equal opportunities and prevent any form of discrimination and exploitation.
  • We attract talent from the communities where we operate and strive to reinvest in these communities.
  • We promote innovative processes and services that increase sustainability and generate added value for the markets that we serve.
  • As part of our strategic planning we take into account and have regard for the shared interests of our stakeholders including Team Members, community, customers, and shareholders.
  • We act in the spirit of sustainability, in particular within the context of decisions related to financial resources.
  • We increase efficiency and raise productivity in all facets of our operations including the use of materials and other resources.
  • We work to identify and implement sustainable practices that increase energy efficiency and reduce
    environmental impacts.
  • We prevent corruption, and disclose and condemn such behavior.